The untitled 1995 demo tape was created before the first official demo tape. This tape is notable for having the Mr. Jack demo titled "PIG", which was released 7 years later on Steal This Album!. Another important demo is the Metro demo (titled "The Metro").


  1. PIG - 4:08
  2. Flake - 1:00
  3. Toast - 2:58
  4. The Metro - 2:46

Fan opinionsEdit

  • While most people think 'Flake' is the small song after 'PIG' , in reality, it's only an "intro" of the song as Part of 'PIG'. 'Flake' is in fact, 'Toast'.
  • It is important to note that this demo tape doesn't fit the bands genre all too well, since all four of the tracks on it are much heavier and use little or no singing. Instead, you hear Serj screaming/death-growling into an overdriven microphone. This could be a possible reason why System of a Down didn't want to call this their first demo tape altogether.
  • The tracks themselves are completely unmastered, and at times the lyrics are not entirely clear because of the overdrive on the microphone and the low quality of the recordings themselves. Some of the lyrics are still being debated to this day. An example of this would be the second (later removed) verse from the "You're nothing like me" part of PIG, the Mr. Jack demo.